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FAQs for Middle School Parents


Q: What is the change from last year?

A:  We have moved to grade based teams for the rising middle school athletes (6-8). In previous years, teams were based on birth year.   We are hiring a professional coach for each middle school team who will act as head coach. We will continue to have one volunteer assistant parent coach.


Q: Why is the cost for middle school teams more than previous years as well as for younger groups?

A: We have hired Fusion Soccer Academy to provide professional head coaching for each of our middle school teams. As a result, the cost for these teams have increased. PCSC is absorbing ????? % of the cost for this year due to the impact that COVID-19 will have on our community.


Q: Will PCSC offer financial assistance to families in need?

A: Each year PCSC offers financial support for families who request it at the discretion of board approval. Please refer to our website. On our home page, you’ll see a Documents link on the left hand side and in there you’ll find a Financial Aid Policy 2020.


Financial Aid Policy 2020


Q: How will teams be determined?

A: When it is safe to do so, middle school players will be evaluated by professional coaches from Fusion Soccer Academy. Date, time, place TBD.  Athletes will be evaluated by grade.


Q: How are the teams broken out?

A: There will be 1 Boys and 1 Girls team for each grade level (6-8).


Q: Are there going to be cuts?

A: While we never want to have cuts, we are only taking 16-18 players per team this season. 


Q: How will playing time be determined?

A: Playing time will be determined by the coaches. It will depend on performance, practice attendance, and behavior.  Even playing time will not be guaranteed.


Q: Can my athlete play with his old team (birth year) vs with his grade?

A:   While our intent is to go to straight grade based for middle school there could be exceptions.