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We would like to thank you for volunteering to coach a PCSC team for the fall season.  In the past years many of us have greatly enjoyed working with our players, and we hope you find this season rewarding.

Coach Selection
Selection of coaches and assistant coaches is the responsibility of the PCSC Board of Directors, and coaches/assistants are accountable to the board.  Coaches and assistants are selected for the season, and need to apply for consideration each season. 

All coaches must be licensed in accordance with the State of New Hampshire Soccer Association requirements.  Additionally, assistant coaches must also have the appropriate licensing.  The following is a summary of the requirements and a current website address for licensing clinics.

U9/U10/U11/U12:    U10-U12 Youth Module Certificate – An 8 hour course given by NHSA.
U13/U14:                  “E” License.  – A 16 hour course given by NHSA.

U10/U12 Youth Module Certificate (Candidates must be 14 years or older)
In 1996, US Soccer's coaching programs developed a National License that was designed to specifically address the needs and developmental characteristics of players at the U-6 to U-12 ages. Many of us saw this as a long overdue move, eagerly embracing and promoting the concepts, philosophies and teaching methods that are advocated at this course. We quickly refined many of the courses ideas, and subsequently developed modules that will be taught at the State Level. These "State Youth Modules" replaced the 'F' license course.

'E' Level Coaching Certificate (Candidates must be 16 years or older)
Coaching Players 13-14 Years Old
In this age group, our philosophy is devoted to refining the player's technical abilities under game conditions (match related exercises, pressure from opponent, limited time and space). Basic tactics are taught at the individual and small group levels (up to 5 v. 5), as well as basic principles of attack and defense (creating space, mobility, width, height, support, team shape, etc.) There are also sessions of prevention and care of injuries and the laws of the game. Practice sessions are evaluated and candidates must complete a written examination.  The 'E' License is a 16 hour course.

Check out NHSA website for updated information at (www.soccernh.org).  A list of licensing classes can be found under the heading “Coaching”.

Fees are due at the time of the class and will be reimbursed by PCSC with a receipt.

A copy of your license must be forwarded to the Coaches Coordinator at PCSC.

Kid Safe
All coaches and assistant coaches must register with the Kid Safe program.  This takes 5 minutes of your time and is mandatory.  Kid Safe can be found on the home page of NHSA at (www.soccernh.org).

Teams are selected by the coaches and assistant coaches.  Over the course of two days, coaches need to evaluate players along three dimensions:  soccer skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping, etc.); agility; and coachability (listening, following directions, willingness to try and team play).  Tryout drills can be found in this manual.

If multiple teams are to be made at an age level of U11 or younger the players should be split to make as evenly matched teams as possible.  For teams at U12 or above the teams will be split into an A level and a B level team as these divisions are competitive divisions and offer different levels of play in the league.

If there are too many players and cuts are to be made it is the coach’s responsibility to make the team as compatible as possible.

The PCSC Board of Directors reserves the right to step in, if they feel coaches are choosing teams without the best interest of the club in mind.

Running a Try-Out
The tryouts are actually up to the individual coach to decide what they want to see in their players and therefore what drills they want to run.  Here is a website address regarding tryouts: www.nasl.com/articles/tryout.htm  This website gives different perspectives from various coaches regarding what a tryout should consist of and what a coach should be looking for.  It also gives different drills to run at tryouts.  Please find at the end of the manual a few drills that can be used at tryouts.

Each coach will be given an equipment bag, a uniform bag and medical kit (all of which must be turned in at the end of the season).  Players may keep their socks and short, but PCSC jerseys and goalie shirts must be collected and returned at the end of the season.
    Equipment bag – balls, cones, pinnies, ball pump,  and pop-up nets if requested
    Medical kit – band aids, ice packs, gauze, scissors, iodine, splint, medical tape, etc.
    Uniform bags – uniforms (socks, shorts, shirts) and goalie shirt

The season starts around the third week in August, with practices starting no earlier than August 15th.  Practices generally run between 60 and 90 minutes.  It is mandatory to hold two practices a week throughout the season.

The game season starts around the 2nd week of September and last until around the 3rd week of October.  Games are scheduled for Saturdays and/or Sundays.  Each team is scheduled to play 10 games in the NH Seacoast Youth Soccer League.  The games are mainly on the Seacoast but there can be some travel (Rochester, Deerfield, Candia, Fremont, etc.).

U9/U10:                6 v 6           Home field: Leary, Portsmouth
U11                       8 v 8           Home field: Old Town Hall, Newington
U12/U13/U14       11 v 11        Home field: High School, Portsmouth

Fields are subject to change based on availability.

The NH Seacoast Youth Soccer League will allow a maximum of four (4) coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and/or managers to be on the bench side of the field and assist with the conduct of the team.

The PCSC Club will try to schedule a soccer camp for all PCSC players who are interested.  We try to hold the camp a week or two (mid-August) before practices start.  More information will be sent to the coaches and players once the camp is scheduled. 

If a team is interested in a tournament, it is up to the coach to make arrangements to play in that tournament.  PCSC will pay half (1/2) of the entrance fee for one tournament per season per team.  The other half of the fee is the responsibility of the coach and the team.

Parent Representative
The general purpose of the parent rep is to assist the coach in communicating with the other parents on the team.  Some of the coaches may due a majority of the below items themselves, but any way that a parent can help is appreciated.

1.  Directions to Fields:    Print out a set of directions to all the away games for each parent.  The directions can be found on our website www.portsmouthcitysoccer.org
2.  Phone Tree:    Make sure there is a phone tree set up so that any cancellations of games or practices can be relayed to each parent.
3.  Orange List:    Make sure there is an orange list established so that the kids will have oranges at half-time for every game.
4.  Publicity Parent:   Make sure that one parent will be responsible for writing a short compulation summary of each game.  That parent must have it emailed to the PCSC at  by Sunday evening to make the following weeks newspaper.

All teams are required to have a sponsor for their team.  The sponsorship fee is $250.00.  The sponsor is mentioned in the weekly articles in the paper, has their name posted on our website and receives a plaque at the end of the season.

League fees pay for medical insurance that provides coverage for all registered players and coaches during practices and games.  Referees are responsible for reporting injuries at games to NHSA.  Coaches are responsible for reporting injuries at practices to the Coach Coordinator of PCSC.

The correct procedure for processing an injury claim is as follows:
-    Fill out Injury Report form found attached or additional copies can be found at (www.soccernh.org) under NHSA Info – insurance info
-    This form then needs to be forwarded to the Coach Coordinator to be kept in case further investigation or treatment is needed.

The primary role of the Board of Directors is to help you succeed.  We do so by creating the necessary structure, establishing the appropriate policies, encouraging the continuing development of our coaches, and providing support throughout the season.  But at the end of the day, you are the one teaching the players through your words and actions.  We are here to help you in any way we can, please do not be afraid to ask.