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Teams at this age level play 6 versus 6 on a smaller field.  The emphasis is on teaching soccer as a fun sport.  This age level is considered development.  There are no standings or scores kept at this level.

The game will consist of 2, 25 minute halves with a 5 minute rest period between the halves.

Goals are to be 6 x 12. field size 50-60 yards long and ????? wide.

There is no offside rule at this level.

Substitutions are made on the "fly" but goalie changes are at a stoppage of play.

Goalie must wear a different colored shirt.

Parents on one side of field; teams on the other.

All fouls will be restated using an indirect free kick.  All fouls within 10 yards of the goal will be restarted at a point 10 yards from the goal. 

There shall be no penalty kicks.

No slide tackles will be allowed.  Penalty: Indirect free kick.

An arc shall be drawn from the center of the goal out 10 yards.  This are shall be used for the taking of all fouls that occur within this area.  This is also the area in which the goalie may use his/her hands.