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Teams at this level play 8 versus 8 on a mid-size field.  This level is also considered development.  There will be no scores or standings kept.  This level was created to ease the transition from 6 vs 6 play on a small field to playing 11 vs 11 on a full size soccer field.

The game will consist of 2, 30 minute halves. The half-time interval shall not exceed five (5) minutes except by consent of the referee.

There shall be no overtime for regular season matches.

The field should be approximately 80 x 60.  The goals are 21’ x 7’ and must be anchored.

Parents on one side of field; teams on the other.

All games will be played using the FIFA "Laws of the game" as amended by FIFA.

No slide tackles will be allowed.  Penalty: Indirect free kick.

In all games, substitutions will be allowed as follows:
    A: a substitute must enter the field of play at the center line at the signal of the referee, before he is  allowed to participate.
    B: Unlimited substitutions can be made only at the following times:
        1. After a goal, by either team.
        2. Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
        3. At half time.
        4. Prior to a throw-in in your favor.
        5. If the Team in possession of a throw in substitutes, and the opposing team has substitutes already at the mid-line for substitution, then both teams may substitute. If only the team NOT in possession of the throw-in has substitutes at the mid-line, then no substitutions will be allowed.
    C: When play is stopped for an injured player there is unlimited substitution for either side.
    D: A player for whom a substitute has been made, may return to the same game.
Goalie must wear a different colored shirt.