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Teams at this level play 11 versus 11 on a full-size field.  This level is considered competitive.  The scores will be kept for each game and standings will be posted.  The end of the season ends in playoff games.

All games will be played using the FIFA "Laws of the game" as amended by FIFA.

Parents on one side of field; teams on the other.
U13/U14 - The game will consist of 2, 35 minute halves. The half-time interval shall not exceed five (5) minutes except by consent of the referee.

There shall be no overtime for regular season matches.

In all games, substitutions will be allowed as follows:
    A: A substitute must enter the field of play at the center line at the signal of the referee, before he is allowed to participate.
    B: Unlimited substitutions can be made only at the following times:
        1. After a goal, by either team.
        2. Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
        3. At half time.
        4. Prior to a throw-in in your favor.
        5. If the Team in possession of a throw in substitutes, and the opposing team has substitutes already at the mid-line for substitution, then both teams may substitute. If only the team      NOT in possession of the throw-in has substitutes at the mid-line, then no substitutions will be allowed.
    C: When play is stopped for an injured player there is unlimited substitution for either side, as in accordance with USYS rule #4037.
    D: A player for whom a substitute has been made, can return to the same game.