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DRILLS: (Included a few drills to help you get started coaching soccer)

1 ball per player, cones, pennies

Dribbling in Square – 10 minutes, 20x30 yards, Each player has a ball and dribbles inside the grid, the coach will call out surfaces of the foot that the player needs to use while dribbling.
As the players gain confidence add changes of direction with inside, outside, and sole of foot. In order to encourage the players to dribble with their heads up walk around the grid holding up fingers on your hand and have the players call out the number of fingers. You can also add a couple of passive defenders that can add some added pressure

Pac Man – 15 minutes, 20x30 yards, two players without the ball are ghosts, the ghosts object is to get as many balls out of the grid as possible in two minutes, if a player has their ball kicked out of the grid they retrieve their ball and re-enter the grid Praise players that are using the dribbling moves that you worked on in the warm up

Team Knockout – 15 minutes, 20x30 yards, half the players with balls, the other half need to be around the outside of the grid, the players outside the grid will come into the grid and work together to steal balls away from the dribblers and dribble the outside of the grid, once a player loses their ball they can help their team mates out by passing with them, time the team that started out with the ball on how long they can keep the balls inside the grid

End Zone – 20 minutes, two 20x30 yard grids, create two games of 3v3 or 4v4, players score by dribbling over the endline with the ball
If players not having enough success you may need to add a wild card player that is always on offense, or you can increase the size of the grids

7 balls, cones, pennies

Passing gates – setup a eight gates (two cones 3 yards apart) in a random pattern around a 30x30 yard area, organize players in groups of three, 1 ball per group, how fast can each team get through all of the gates?, how many gates can you get through in 1 minutes
Look for teams that are talking and planning ahead

3v1 Triangle Keepaway – One player is placed in the middle of the triangle with each side about 6 yards long, the other three players take up position on one of the sides and try to maintain possession of the ball, they only get a point if they pass through the triangle, they can pass on the outside of the triangle, switch defenders every two minutes
Look for players that are moving into good angles of support

Capture the Ball – 30x30 yards, Pile of 7 balls is put in the middle of grid, divide the players into four teams and assign them to one of the corner boxes, Objective is to get three balls back to your box, only one player may go at a time for your team, you may steal a ball from another team’s box, you can not stop someone from stealing a ball from your box

Penalty Box Shoot-out
1.    Play takes place inside the penalty box.
2.    Play continues until keeper makes a save and maintains possession or until the ball goes out of bounds.
3.    Coach immediately serves a new ball when this happens.
4.    The team in possession attacks, the other teams defends. When possession is won, that team immediately tries to score.
Coaching Points
-Teams are encouraged to shoot rather than play "good soccer".
-Look for half chances and rebounds.
-If play becomes too bunched around goal, prohibit players from entering keeper's box unless in pursuit of a rebound.

Please check out the following websites for more drills: