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All licensing will be reimbursed by PCSC once a photocopy of your license is received.  When signing up for a class all coaches of PCSC are considered NHSA members.  The schedule for classes can be found at www.soccernh.org/course_schedule.htm


U12 or younger - U10/U12 module

In 1996, US Soccer's coaching programs developed a National License that was designed to specifically address the needs and developmental characteristics of players at the U-6 to U-12 ages. Many of us saw this as a long overdue move, eagerly embracing and promoting the concepts, philosophies and teaching methods that are advocated at this course. We quickly refined many of the courses ideas, and subsequently developed modules that will be taught at the State Level. These "State Youth Modules" replaced the 'F' license course.

U13 and U14 - "E" license

Coaching Players 13-14 Years Old
In this age group, our philosophy is devoted to refining the player's technical abilities under game conditions (match related exercises, pressure from opponent, limited time and space). Basic tactics are taught at the individual and small group levels (up to 5 v. 5), as well as basic principles of attack and defense (creating space, mobility, width, height, support, team shape, etc.) There are also sessions of prevention and care of injuries and the laws of the game. Practice sessions are evaluated and candidates must complete a written examination.

The 'E' License is a 16 hour course.
Coaches can attend the 'E' License directly.
(Candidates must be 16 years or older.)